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In the late 1800s, The Berghoff’s founder Herman Joseph Berghoff, alongside his brothers, began the generational legacy of brewing beer in Ft. Wayne, IN.  After a successful stint selling his now famous Dortmund style lager, on the outside skirts of The World’s Fair in 1895, he decided to move his family to Chicago and obtain a retail license to open a cafe. Located on the corner of State and Adams was Berghoff’s first location in 1898, there you could get a stein and a sandwich for a nickel. Moved in 1912,  just a door down from its original site, you will find still standing and operating the iconic Berghoff Restaurant.

In fall of 2018, the Berghoff family and restaurant was awarded a resolution for 120 years of excellence in the city of Chicago. Only fitting, to commemorate this momentous achievement, The Berghoff Restaurant paid homage to its roots by opening their first ever, in-house brewery: Adams Street Brewery.

Adams Street, located right off the “great State street,” is where The Berghoff became an iconic,  historic establishment, earned Chicago’s first liquor license post Prohibition, and has served generations upon generations of Chicagoans and tourists. To many, the building on Adams Street is more than just a location; it’s a “real-time, working memory factory.” As a tribute to the place that the Berghoff family has called home for over a century, the Chicago craft brewery is appropriately named Adams Street Brewery.




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Happy Days are Beer Again!

Dear Friends, Family, Loyal Customers, of The Berghoff Restaurant, Adams Street Brewery, and Berghoff Café,

These past 15 months have been nothing like we have ever experienced in our 134 years of business. Our Great-Grandfather, Herman Berghoff, opened his brewery in 1887, unsure what the future would hold. Flash forward to our established restaurant in 1898, the reestablishing of the brewery in 1919 to create near beer and sodas to get us through prohibition, World War 2 ceiling prices, the generational transition of ownership, we've adapted and persevered through it all. Then the pandemic hit, and our world, like many, came to a complete stop.

With great excitement and honor, we will be opening our doors once again on Monday, July 12th!!!

We can not begin to thank you for the encouragement, support, dedication, and patience you all have shown us while we navigated these most unprecedented and uncertain times.

With Great Appreciation,
The Berghoff Family and Staff

Berghoff Café O’Hare is open and operating 7 days a week from 7 AM-6 PM.