Introducing the Latest Edition to Our Bottle Series: Petit Bijou

Brewing beer, to many, is considered an art. And so, with our second special bottle release this year, we decided to experiment and toast our respects by being our own Post-Impressionistic painters… of a sort. Introducing Petit Bijou, an Oak-Aged Belgian Ale with Petite Syrah Grapes.

In this beer, you’ll experience flavors of Petite Syrah Rose complimented by a malt backbone created through esters known by Belgian beer enthusiasts. The mild tart notes imparted by wild yeast from Grape must set this creation apart from many. Which finally is rounded out by aging it on heavily toasted oak.

Label artwork designed by illustrator & Berghoff employee Brian Pace

ABV 7.6%

Visit the link below to purchase a bottle for pick up, or stop in and enjoy it on tap for a limited time.


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